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Enterprise Software with Python
      Backend Development   PayPal · Python · Mahmoud Hashemi · Safari · PyBay · Profiling

I have just completed this course thanks to my corporate subscription to Safari Books (thanks again, StubHub!). One of those courses that can be reviewed without being in front of a laptop. So, no much code (only one small application with some detail) but a good introduction to the use of Python in the corporate world. The course is taught by Mahmoud Hashemi, a lead developer of Python Infrastructure at PayPal.

I have enjoyed watching it and would recommend for a shallow introduction to Python, as the course is quite easy to follow for somebody with basic knowledge in programming in general, or maybe for one that has had scarce contact with this programming language and wants to know the possibilities of it from an experienced engineer of a top company.

The course begins with a definition of what Enterprise Software is and the motivation and application to using Python. After this, Mahmoud continues speaking about Architecture and Design and next about best practices with Python (Debugging, Design Patterns, Documentation, Testing, Deployment…). The video series end up with some good suggestions about how to progress in our careers and how to build our skills. Nothing really new for any developer interested in growing as a professional, but as I have said, an enjoyable and easy to follow course. Worth seeing.

For a good aproximation to one of the subsections of the course, the one regarding profiling and performance, there is also a condensed talk from Mahmoud at PyBay 2016 that I have just seen, of only 28 min (the entire course takes 7 h 44 min). This is the description of its content:

This talk provides an end-to-end introduction and overview of Python performance practices, from fundamentals to functional industry practices to the future of performant Python. If you’ve ever felt lost in or out of touch with the constant whirl of Python performance advancements, this practical talk will put it back into perspective.

The aforementioned YouTube video can be found here: