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It’s Not Continuous Delivery If You Can’t Deploy Right Now
      DevOps   CD · CI · Ken Mugrage

After thinking for a while, I have decided that having a personal blog makes sense to me if it serves the purpose for which I have created it: not only to spend some time configuring it, creating it and hosting it on github, but also to register what activities occupy my free time dedicated to self-training, in topics of Web Development and/or Data Science.

That is why I will try to get into the routine of watching a technical talk, of medium duration (usually < 1 h), every day. I’m starting today with this from Ken Mugrage that deals with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment (for a clear explanation of the difference between these two terms, it may be a good idea to read this).

Let’s see if after a few days I continue with the “experiment”. In any case, I will have gained something valuable ;)