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Hello World! (Revisited)
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A couple of months and a half ago I started this blog with the typical Hello World! post. It was just a beginning, a kind of public beta for me, but I’ve been thinking that in fact there should be a Hello World! (Revisited) post, i.e. a public release. The reason for this is that I’ve spent some time modifying the website, including new sections and deciding how to structure it (categories, tags, contact and instant search pages recently included). I’m happy now with the current version so I’d better stop modifying it by now. When I think there are still new features pending to be included, those ideas come often to my mind and I have to implement them. But definitely it is time to go on adding content, based on my daily progress and studies. This second thing is the real goal, that is, to increment my knowledge (and amusement in the way). The blog is just a tool for it.

Thanks to the idea of creating a static blog, I’ve learnt quite a lot about Jekyll and Liquid, some more tricks about Markdown and git, I’ve analyzed different options for my Search page (maybe I’ll comment about this in a later post), I’ve revisited some jQuery concepts that I had forgotten a little bit… and finally I own a website hosted on github, enterely (almost) in English. A good dedication of my spare time.

I’m on PTO now, but this relaxed period will end soon, so I guess I’ll go back to a normal posting cadence of one entry per day (per two/three days, more reallistically) in a few days.