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Cracking the Data Science Interview
      Profession and Career   Galvanize · O'Reilly · Jonathan Dinu · Katie Kent

Another course from Safari Books that I’ve completed quickly: Cracking the Data Science Interview. An easy following video series of just 2h 53min by Jonathan Dinu and Katie Kent, directors of the Data Science programm at Galvanize, Inc when the course was recorded1. Jonathan was one of the founders of Zipfian Academy, acquired by Galvanize in November, 2014.

To better sense the purpose and content of the course, we can watch for free the following introduction:

The course is structured in these areas:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Preparing for Interviews.
  3. Getting Interviews.
  4. Real-World Experiences.
  5. Mock Interviews.
  6. Negotiation.

I’ve found particularly useful the mock interviews, the section in which you can experience how this kind of processes take place and what kind of questions can be asked to the interviewee. In my case, not completeley new as I’ve been part of similar processes, then in the IT Recruiter role, up to not so long ago but from a different perspective.

BTW, there’s also a link in O’Reilly’s page for this book, pointing to this resource that returns a beautiful 404. Nevertheless, the additional resources that should be there can be reached here, or similarly here, at Jonathan’s github account. Jonathan is also one of the instructors of the Data Visualization and D3.js free course by Udacity, a course that I should add to my personal Data Science roadmap, in the “Data Visualization and Reporting” section.

Nice course, as if you were watching a TED Talk, but a bit longer and with many insights to note down.


  1. Katie Kent currently works as a Product Manager at Flexport (August, 2017).